Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Inspires Me

Writers Anonymous: A 3 Step Program 

[Step One: Resentment] 
Hi, My name is Quentin. 
I'm a write-a-holic. 
I can't control it, can't curb 
the urge to write. 
I need help. 
I want my life back. 

[Step Two: Commitment] 
I write poems on fast food napkins, 
with toothpicks, using ketchup for ink. 
I jot ideas for poems 
on my arms and legs. When I run out of space, 
I use my shoes. 
I make motions 
similar to Michael Jackson's moonwalk 
when I need to erase. 

I make up stories 
while making love to my wife. 
She left me. Who needs her? 
She was suffocating my creativity. 

I await submission replies 
like an addict, hands trembling, 
head shaking in disbelief. 
Not another bout with rejection! 
I'm manic depressive. 
I'm happy to be here. 
No I'm not. 

I live for revision. 
Instead of sex, I have poems. 
I eat feedback. 

[Step 3: Contentment] 
As a recovering write-a-holic, 
admitting my problem 
has provided a much needed catharsis. 
Joining this nurturing group has 

(Excuse me, 
but are you going to throw away that paper cup? 
That's good paper!) 

taught me to reconcile my past 
and move forward. 

-Quentin Huff

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