Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Inspires Me

Writers Anonymous: A 3 Step Program 

[Step One: Resentment] 
Hi, My name is Quentin. 
I'm a write-a-holic. 
I can't control it, can't curb 
the urge to write. 
I need help. 
I want my life back. 

[Step Two: Commitment] 
I write poems on fast food napkins, 
with toothpicks, using ketchup for ink. 
I jot ideas for poems 
on my arms and legs. When I run out of space, 
I use my shoes. 
I make motions 
similar to Michael Jackson's moonwalk 
when I need to erase. 

I make up stories 
while making love to my wife. 
She left me. Who needs her? 
She was suffocating my creativity. 

I await submission replies 
like an addict, hands trembling, 
head shaking in disbelief. 
Not another bout with rejection! 
I'm manic depressive. 
I'm happy to be here. 
No I'm not. 

I live for revision. 
Instead of sex, I have poems. 
I eat feedback. 

[Step 3: Contentment] 
As a recovering write-a-holic, 
admitting my problem 
has provided a much needed catharsis. 
Joining this nurturing group has 

(Excuse me, 
but are you going to throw away that paper cup? 
That's good paper!) 

taught me to reconcile my past 
and move forward. 

-Quentin Huff

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Keys to a Healthy Relationship

  • Have a faithful mind - cheating doesn't always mean intercourse.
  • The little things are usually not little things - When you think your partner looks good, tell them. When a song on the radio reminds you of your partner, tell them, turn it up and dance together when it comes on the radio, no matter where you are.
  • Remember - Bare minimum, don't forget birthdays or anniversaries. This seems like a no brainer. It is the EASIEST thing to do. Write a note, set a reminder, send smoke signals, or tattoo them on your arm.
  • DO STUFF - the couple that plays together, stays together. Get away from the world when you can. If you can't think of anywhere special to go or anything fun to do:
    • Go for a drive
    • Go window shopping or visit antique stores on a treasure hunt
    • Play a board game or card game
    • Cook together
    • Go to the movies
    • Look through old pictures - make a collage or other art project
    • Visit the library, read about subjects that are interesting to each other, find out what your partner likes.
  • Take pictures - time has a way of erasing even the most precious of memories. when you recount all of the things you've been through together (the good and the bad) it reminds you how grateful you are of the person that's been at your side through it all.
  • Be Honest - Don't be afraid to talk about things that are uncomfortable subjects. If you don't tell your partner exactly how you are feeling, it could result in a bigger issue later on.
  • Make Time - Life is hectic  and technology, careers, and social media dominate a large portion of our free time. Don't forget that every now and again, it can really make an impact to power down your I-pad, pull out your blue-tooth headset, turn off your facebook notifications and snuggle up together on the couch for an evening of re-runs or one of your favorite movies. 


  • Tell them what you want - If they don't know, they can't give it to you. Everyone assumes "He/She should know what I'm thinking" but that is a completely unfair expectation. I love the quote "Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish on his ability to fly, he will live his entire life believing he is an idiot." You can't hold your partner responsible to read your mind. (I suppose this may not apply for anyone dating and/or married to psychic).
  • Have reasonable expectations but DO NOT SETTLE - You have the right to be treated with respect. If you are not being respected, you also have the right to demand a change. You must also be reasonable. It is not fair to expect your relationship to be a Disney musical every single day.
  • Laugh - I would have to rank this among the top 5 best things you can do to strengthen your relationship. Some people are not naturally funny, this is OK. It means that you should spend more time watching comedies, talking to your humorous friends, filling out Mad-Libs, engage in several awkward social situations to invoke some great mocking opportunities etc. WHATEVER IT TAKES. Just laugh.
  • GO ON DATES - Dates are not just for teenagers and they don't have to be budget crunchers either. Cook for your significant other. If that's limited to Microwave dinners, just put on some Al Green in the backround, transfer the reheated fish sticks to a fancy plate, light a candle and you've got yourself a parisian restuarant. Don't make excuses for things that you can't do, make solutions, make love.